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Internet is full of money waiting for opportunities to earn by someone like you. But not everyone get success in making money online.
There are many programs which are scams. Today I created a list of legit ways to make money online. These all are scam free.
But keep it in mind these methods will not make you rich in one day you have to put your efforts to make money online and important thing Be Patient.

15 Scam Free Ways To Make Money Online (without spending a single dime)

1. By Selling E-books:selling ebooks online

If you are good writer then write 4-5 pages e-book and sell it on internet. But before writing e-book find some popular topics and then write your e-book on that topic.
Give it an attractive title with beautiful cover. E-books are good way to earn money without investment because there is no need to pay for printing and shipping. Sell your e-books at Amazon or use Payhib for direct selling.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

how to make money promoting affiliate productsAffiliate marketing is a process of referring people to buy others products. And you will get commission on every purchase.
Your work is just to promote their products on you website or on social networks.
The more you will promote, the more you will earn. There are many affiliate programs on internet. Some of them are Amazon, Clickbank. read my full post on how to make money online promoting affiliate products

3. Blogging:

Find a suitable niche in which you are an expert. And set up a new blog you can use paid or free blogs

how to start a blog guide

. Two big blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger.
Update your blog daily and when you start receiving traffic then start displaying ads on it.
Be patient during this process, as it might take some time to start seeing steady income everyday, but if you do it right, the money will come. Read step by step guide on how to start a blog for newbies

4. RSS Feed Ads:

make money with rss feed adsYou can also make money with RSS Feed. If your blog or website has large numbers of readers then display ads inside your feeds.
Ask your visitors to subscribe to your feeds to generate more income. Use Pheedo and Feedburner for high pay rates.
get paid to take survey online

5. Paid Surveys:

You can add some paid surveys to your blog and website to earn money. Whenever a visitor comes to your blog ask him to complete your survey.
Vizu Answers pays for displaying polls and surveys on your blog.

6. Earn At Fiverr:Learn how to Get the Most Out Of Your Fiverr Orders

Do you know that you can make money for almost everything you can do for others on fiver?. Fiverr is an online marketplace where everyone sells and buy small services.
Go to fiverr and make your account and start monetizing your knowledge.

7. Become A Reseller:

can i make money online?Buy any product online at wholesale and sell it again with high prices. The best things for reselling are domains and hosting. Just buy a website at cheap rate and modify it then resell it at high rates.
But before purchasing domains always do some research for most wanted domain names on, and other auction sites. By reselling domains you can generate good income.

8. Make Applications:

If you are a good programmer then build your own mobile apps or games and start selling on online app stores. Today there are large numbers of smartphone users with different operating systems. So you have more chance to earn money with your apps.

9. Paid Writing:

make money online writing articles
make money online writing articles
You can earn money online by just writing articles for others. Go to some reputed blogs and contact owner to ask if they need articles.
If you don’t like this way then just write articles and directly submit it to online directories.
You can sell your articles at postloop. there are lots of forums where users are interested to buy articles, if you have a good command of English, you can make lots of money doing that, also you can write at and get paid, see 10 websites that pay writers upfront for article writing

10. Sell Your Designs:

guest postingUse your designing skills and techniques to design logos, banner ads, websites, animations etc. If you don’t know about designing then learn from online tutorials published on and start experimenting with Photoshop and illustrator.
You can participate in online design contests at,, or sell your ready made designs at, see freelancing websites where you can sell your hand work and design-> 22 freelancing websites to earn money

11. Sell photos:

If you are good photographer then you can also make money online. Click some beautiful views and sell them on internet.
If you are not a professional photographer then don’t worry you can earn money by selling Photoshoped pics. There are many online places where you can sell photos:,,

12. Sell Ad Places:

15 Scam Free Ways To Make Money OnlineIf you have atleast 100 daily unique visitors then you can sell space on your blog or website for advertisement.
This method works only if you have good traffic. So before selling ad places improve your blog’s traffic.
Also if you are not getting direct advertisers, you can achieve that from third party companies like buysellads, but getting approved by is as hard as google adsense, but here is my guide on how to get approved by BSA, There are other alternatives to and here are the best 10 alternative to

13. By Helping Others:

how to make money promoting affiliate productsHelp others by sharing your ideas and knowledge. For example if a newbie wants to make a new blog then help him to setup a new blog and charge him for this.
If you are SEO expert then sell your service to bloggers and website owners by contacting them.

14. Youtube:

make money with youtubeMake your account at youtube and start uploading videos. Upload videos which are popular and most searched by users.
Display ads on your video page and you will start receiving income with every click by users on your ads. Promote your videos on social networks to get more viewers and more money.

15. Google Adsense:

15 Scam Free Ways To Make Money OnlineYou must have heard about Google Adsense. It is a highest paying advertising solution to web publishers.
If you have a website or blog with rich content then you can sign up for Google Adsense. You can make good money with Adsense.
Remember Google Adsense are very strict for new registration. So read their terms and policies before you sign up.
if you want to apply for google adsense, then click here, If you are finding it hard to get approved by Adsense, there are other alternatives to google adsense, but the earnings are not closed to google adsense.
But would have been the best alternative to adsense, but the are popularly known for their scamming!
They will suspend your account when you are just closed to getting paid, you can read my Reviews also you can read other publishers comments to see what they are experience.
Update: January, 30th 2015: I have started a lot of successful journey on how to make money online with amazon affiliate program, and if you want to earn passive income from the internet, then start one today
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