Sunday, 1 February 2015

Five Ways To Make Money With Facebook Free
FaceBook is A free social networking platform where you can interact with your friends all over the world, you can easily sent pictures and receive pics. With facebook you can use it as instant chatting too.
But what we are going to discuss today will be how to make money with facebook. There are plenty of ways we can use facebook to make money online, but today i will only share the simple methods first, in my future posts i will share the rest. But with this you can start making money from facebook instantly and freely.
5 Applications to make money online with facebook
1. RadicalBuy
This is mostly like ebay you can sell anything online with it, it is very easy to implement, with your facebook account you can start selling any of your products, and you can even give commission to others who will promote your products. Of course you can stillmake money online with this app without having your own products, you sell and get commission, people who know about this are making good money selling on this platform. As more people logged into facebook more than any site.
2. CafePress
With cafepress you can sell any design shirt from Anti- Obama to Support OBAMA shirt, with this you can list it on your facebook wall and even in the market place, this will allow more people to see and place their orders, you will be surprised that you can easily sell stuffs with this website only, there are million of people visiting this site daily, and most of them are there looking for good design of shirts to buy. Even some companies do place orders and buy in bulks.
3. Ether is a website you canmake money online for giving advice on the phone and through chatting, but now with their new application you can do that with your facebook. If you know how to give advice and know how to teach then this will be a good way to make some free money online, with this you can place your cost, then what you are good at, even if you know how to speak different language, you can teach someone through the phone. You will receive calls through ether, every call will be forwarded to you through their platform.
4. Shopit
Shopit is another facebook platform where you can make money by selling anything on your facebook, this is free advertising on your facebook. You get paid commission on every sell. And you can also list your products for sell, and even mobilize affiliates to sell for you.
5. Flametunes
With this application you can easily sell any music on your facebook. This is design for people who are musicians to sell their music, with this you do not have to worry about renting a place to feature your music, you place it free and get paid for every music you sell.


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