Sunday, 1 February 2015

00:06 Reviews: Legit or Scam?
WHILE searching for Adsense Alternative, i got talking with my friends on and they where all using on their website. but none was able to show payment proof. So asked if they have been paid yet. well, they are yet to reach payout which $100. Decided to try it out myself, registered and withing few minutes i received a report that my account has been approved.

Dear My name

We welcome you into a

different way of site monetization.

Thank you for applying to Taggify! We have reviewed your site and we are glad to announce you that an account has been activated for your domain:
Perhaps, if you registered, your account will be approved instantly. Anyways, i sent a message back to them, waiting for their responds, I want to be sure someone out there is reading their emails. But One strange thing i find disturbing is the fact that there is no payment proof anywhere online. goto google.comand type payment proofs , You will not see any payment proof
Okay, since i always ensure that i promote what is working, I will place advert on my websites and hope to reach payout between 30 days or less, until then, i will not say this is best adsense alternative.
Here is a bit about
Taggify is a multinational company based in Argentina, Chile and the USA whose primary goal is that you monetize your whole website in the most optimal way possible. Our company’s motto is to have the Publisher as the center of attention providing a high-quality professional service all the time.

Taggify.Net Reviews legit or scam?:
This is the first manual review of taggify as far as i can see and they have been online for long, searching for scam, there is none that looks legit, but in a few days time, we  will know if they are legit or just another scammers like
Payment Method: pay through Paypal and Payza (
Ad Network Type: CPM CPC : Banner , Layer , inline text , Link Shortener , Interstitial ads
Payment Frequency: 30 Day
Minimum Payment: $ 100
That is all for now and i will report back if and when i get paid, the payment option is paypal and wire transfer, lets hope that will become one of the best adsense alternative.
Below is the backend of my account. review: legit or scam review: legit or scam



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