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Top 5 Adult Ad Networks to Monetize your Websites
A lot of websites owners are looking for networks that accept adult traffic, and here I want to list the best that you can use to monetize your Top 5 Adult Ad Networks to Monetize your blogblog/websites. No doubt, there are lots of websites that generates huge amount of adult traffic, this websites get more than 10k to 500k pageviews daily and they don’t know how monetize it! Well, if you stumble on this article, lucky you. Because you can join various adult ad networks and make extra income from your website. Some of the tools this adult ad network use to monetize their publishers blogs are Video, Skin, Floating, Banner ads, pop up, pop under etc. The best tools to use on your site is the pop unders which is cent percent cpm booster.
Do you have adult contents and looking for ways to monetize your website/blog? Are you looking for quality and paying adult ads network with highest CPC/CPM? You just found the answers to all the questions above and even some you may still have. Don’t waste time on any adult ads network that is not making you money, keep split testing until you find the one that has the highest cpc/cpm rates and there is no harm to use more than 2 ads network on your site. Enough chattering am listing the best adult ad networks in the market that have unbeatable cpc and cpm rates.
Top 5 Adult Ad Networks to Monetize your Websites
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List of the best 5 Adult ad Network for publishers to monetize their websites
- JuicyAds – The first among them all is Juicyads, they are established in 2006 and have been getting stronger every year. JuicyAds is a cpc based ad network with its head-office in the United State. JuicyAds network have won a lot of awards and getting over 41,500 websites. It is one of the popular adult advertising network in the market. If you are accepted into the network you can get connected to big advertisers here who are ready to spend money for your traffic. Juicyads accept publisher base on your site performance and traffic source. Publishers earn around $0.1 + cpc rate. And higher cpc rate for English countries. Before you can get accepted, you will need to verify your mobile phone. But you are going to love this network.
JuicyAds Payment Options – paypal, check, wire transfer and paxum.
Minimum Payout – $50
Payout Frequency: Net7 – publishers get paid weekly so long they meet the minimum payout which is $50
Click here to sign up for juicyads network and starting making money from your adult network.
* Ero Advertising - Ero Advertising is a cpm/cpc ad networks for adult traffic. When I say ‘adult traffic’ I don’t mean it is for only 18+ contents, it can also be use generally for all adult traffic. Ero Advertising network is Establish in the year 2006. It is based in Europe and ot has one of the accurate reliable tracking system and open up connections with top adult brands. Just like juicyads, it has one of the best CPM rate about $0.15 to 1$. It has multiple ad formats with quick loading time, so adding this ad on your site will no slow your site load time.
Minimum Payout: 10 Euros
Payment Methods: paxum, wire transfer and paypal
Payout Frequency: Net7 – Ero Advertsing pay weekly if you cross the payout threshold.
you can sign up for ero – advertising here and start earning from your website.
- ExoClick Ads – Are you looking for adult ad network that accept worldwide traffic to monetize all your traffics? Then ExoClick Ads is the network for you. Exoclick Ads have multiple ad formats for publishers with great CPM and CPC rates. Exoclick supported ad banners, mobile and custom.
Minimum Payout: $20
Payment Methods: paypal, paxum, payoneer
Payout Frequency: Net7, Net30
Click Here to sign up for exoclick ads network.
- Plugrush - Plugrush is an adult traffic network where you can buy, sell and trade your adult traffic. CPC and CPM rates are okay and they accept international traffic. They have different tools that you can use to monetize your website- Auction, redirects, banners, pop under and widgets etc. The CPM rate is about $2-$3 geo targeted. Bloggers can also use plugrush to monetize their contents.
Ad Network : cpc and cpm
Minimum Payment : $50 and you get paid weekly!
Payout Frequency: Net7
Payout Options: paypal, paxum, bank, payoneer and redpass
Click Here to sign up for plugrush
- Adxpansion -  Adxpansion is a Canada based network with the highest ecpm rates. If you are not satisfy with the above ads network, then you can join Adxpansion as it has a high CPM and CPC rates for publishers with adult traffic, it also has varieties of ads options. i.e. In-layer, In-videos, banners, pop unders and text ads. Cpc and Cpm rates varies according to your traffic source.
Minimum Payout : minimum 50$
Payment Method: paypal and check
Payout Frequency: Net5 – You get paid every 5 days if you reach the minimum payout which is $50.
I have compile the best Ads network that accept adult traffic wordwide and they have huge advertisers who are cash ready to by your inventory. There are other Adult networks out there, but this are my 5 best adult ads network in the internet. Keep testing them until you find the one that works best for you. happy earnings.


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