Sunday, 1 February 2015

There are different ways to make money online, and most of them are free, they only required some few minutes or hours daily and some can be automated fully.
This post will show you 10 top websites that will pay you to upload files, If you have some files in your hard drive or you have them stuck somewhere, why not upload them and make money?
Do you think that the users will benefit from it? Then be ready to upload them to this file sharing sites and earn money free.
Before we get started, i know lots of people may not know how this works, so here i will explain in details how to make money online uploading your files, where to promote your links.
First is to chose the company you want to join, all of them are free to join, you only need to register and start uploading your files.
After uploading your files, you will be given a link that your file is store into, you will need to promote this links on all places possible where users will be interested to download it.
You can share your link in forums, facebook, twitter, blogs, comments, youtubes and many other places you can think of.
Lets assume you upload “cheats for games” you can promote your link on games forums, games facebook fanpage etc.
How to earn big with uploading files online?
This depends on the file you upload and where it is downloaded. The larger the files, the more you get paid, and also it depends where the user is downloading the files from. Countries like usa, europe, canada, pay most per download.
You can earn upto $5 per download!
Get Paid to Upload Sites that pay with Webmoney, Moneybooker, Liberty Reserve and Alertpay/Payza
Most of this paid to upload sites pay through the above mention online money processor, you can earn money to your alertpay account and exchange it to Liberty reserve, if that is what you prefer. Also there are different options to withdraw your money, if the company you want to work it, don’t have your choice of payment, you can contact them. This paid to download sites are run by professionals and they will reply to your queries asap.
Top 10 Sites To Get Paid to Upload Files and Earn Money Online
4. Earn upto $40 for 1000 downloads, minimum payout is $10, method payments includes, wire-transfer, Paypal, Alertpay or Webmoney.
3. HotFiles
Get paid to upload your files to Hotfile and earn upto $15 per 1000 downloads.
Hotfile pay through Alertpay/Payza, Webmoney and Paypal.
2. is a new website that is own by a professional and i would advice anyone who is interested to join them and start uploading files and get paid!
This is another new millenium pay to upload file site. Looking for the best uploading files to earn money with in 2012? Then join and cleanfiles.
More ways to make money online will be share here on our
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