Friday, 6 February 2015

Students have lot of opportunities to work online and offline in their free time and earn money in Pakistan. Every year thousands of students passed their examination and then started seeking jobs but there are some online and offline opportunities for students to work and earn reasonable money. It would consider as dream for student if I say you can earn money up to RS: 50,000PKR but you can really earn this by doing some part time job on computer in your home or at some call center near to your home. Call center jobs have considered as best part time home based or offline jobs for students in Pakistan because of their attractive salary package. How to get job or how to get experience of working in call center is basic question arises in your mind. You just have to search call center jobs on or or any other job website and just online apply for job.
Call centers required people good in English and speaking skills but it does not matter because you can learn both these with passage of time. Fresh students with no prior experience are also welcome by call center because they provide you training about working. People, which have good experience of speaking English, are highly paid by call centers in Pakistan. Call centers established across all major cities of Pakistan and some call centers in Pakistan offer online jobs with training material provided by the Institute . In offline jobs, you have to work in air-conditioned atmosphere for five to eight hours but in online job, you have to work in your own preferred time because you have to set your jobs timings by yourself. This is age of internet marketing because internet has billions of users, which are highly possessed by any medium of information and marketing companies use internet to deliver their products at consumer’s doors.
Call centers act as medium of contact between customers and companies because they work as sale representative or customer support offices, which connect calls between client companies and consumers. In Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore majority of institution of country located which pay handful salary, commission earned, bonuses, over time allowances to employees. Call centers welcome students and especially female students have excellent opportunity to transmit their free time and skills into money for themselves and their family. Every day major newspapers of country have hundreds of call center jobs across country but you just have to select job suitable for you and apply for call center job. The institution does not hold written tests or difficult hiring process but walk in interviews offered by institution. There are several students, which personally know they are working in call center and earning 50,000 to 60,000 money per month but call centers require your best to earn this huge amount of money. You should spend your initial time to learn and improve your skills and then enjoy your job. I am hopeful you will avail chance to work at call center and make money in your free time which I think is not bad deal for students.


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