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Some few weeks ago, i was contacted by people from and they want me to write review for them, i told them it isqadabra review $50 per review on, after some few exchange of emails, i was told they can’t afford to pay $50 for a review??? (or maybe i got it wrong). well, after some days i decided to try them out on my websites to see how they convert. and below is myfull review on I believe anyone who want to use them in future will stumble on this blog. Remember, this is not a paid post, and am writing from what i have experienced with them. (Although i wish they would pay me for it, since i will be leaving semi good review :D)


Received my first payment proof from> You can read more about it here, payment proof
Is it possible to make money with your blog using is one of Adsense Alternatives, they pay you per click and you get paid when you reach the minimum payout. but can bloggers make money from it? I joined this network about three weeks ago and want to see if they are worth adding to our blog. I have tried many many adsense alternatives. i can tell you from experience that they are full of garbage! Yes, you heard me right, most of the adsense alternatives are just fillers, you won’t earn a single dime from them. The only best alternative to adsense i have used is and i recommend it to those who are yet to get approved by google adsense or whose websites/account has been banned. (Another best alternative to Adsense is, but they are the best Scammer online, they will ban your account when you are about to reach payout, you can read my review on it here, MEDIA.NET REVIEW  and also go through the comments to see what other publishers are saying. Lahaul Seth from shared Why He stopped using on his website.)
I have diverted a lot from the main topic already, lol, and back to qadabra, i can affirmatively tell you that QADABRA.COM is one of the best or among the best adsense alternatives i have used. If you have no other way of monetizing your website, you can add qadabra ads on your website. I make an average of $1 daily when the ads are on my websites. review- review- Payment Proof?

What every blogger want to know is if a network is paying before joining, as most of them are scams. anyways, i search on google to see if there is any payment proofs from publishers using, and the results are WOW!! A few bloggers shared their payment proofs and this goes to show that qadabra,com is not scam. But as at the time of me writing this review, i have not been paid. Although, this network is the best, I have removed almost all the ads from my websites, and below is my reasons.
1. process payment Net 45. this means that the money i earn in the month of July will get to me middle of September. (the long is way too long for my liking, perhaps, net 15 would have been okay, i have used adsense alternatives that pay every week. So for one to wait 45 days to get paid is discouraging)
2. CPM is very low, you can see it from my screenshot below. And that is why am not currently using them.
qadabra review
qadabra review: blur out my other websites
Although i have removed all the ads from my websites, i recommend this network to anyone who is looking for ways to monetize his blog. I might add them again in future if this change. has been my best alternative to adsense, but qadabra beat them hands down. If i leave them on my blog, am sure i will be earning an extra $30 monthly from them, but is this enough to pay the bill, what can i get for $30 anyways?

Now Here is why i recommend to bloggers looking for adsense alternatives.

1. Qadabra minimum payout is $1 (this is sweet, but the net45 spoiled it)
2. Qadabra accept all country traffic, so if you have websites getting traffic from international members, i.e. India, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc, you will get paid for the traffic, unlike that ban your account if your traffic are not from USA, Canada. etc. tech website do well with this network.
3. Qadabra has multiple option of paying their publishers, one of them is through payoneer, (If you don’t have a payoneer master debit card, you can get one by CLICKING HERE, and if you follow my referral link, you will be credited with $25 when you have $100 in it.) there are other options like paypal, they also have wire transfer.
4. Qadabra has quality ads, and if they don’t have any, they fill it with ads.
5. Qadabra accept publishers from all over the world, but like adsense, they might ban your account if you want to cheat. I don’t see why you would even think of it if you get a lot of traffic.
I have done my best to review to the best of my knowledge and I will be updating this post or perhap create a new one when i get paid by them. You can also make money from your blog promoting affiliate products which much better than earning cents per click.
Do you use do you think they are the best alternative to adsense?


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