Saturday, 31 January 2015

                                                                                           Top 5 forum to make money online
I was asked via comment to give direct link to websites where one can make money online free, this sort of websites will not make you rich, but it will give you some free money to invest into other lucrative internet businesses, which include buying of domain names and hosting, flipping your site at flippa and lots more.
This form of making cash online is known as forum posting, you get paid for posting on forums, and each reply or thread you start is worth about 5cents.
Assuming you plan to set a goal where you will make $5 daily, then you need to make 100posts dailys which can be 25words to 100words depending on the forum.
I will list the top 5 forum to make money here.
This website has been online for over 8years! And not once have they missed a single payment. You get paid via liberty reserve.
You can request for payment when you have made 100 post.
Goldentalk pay weekly.
This is another legit paid to post forum where i made some fast money to invest into my Online business, i was also able to invest into a few online investment programs that accept Payza.
Moneytalkvillage pay weekly when you reach $4.
This forum is own by my very trusted admin and i was lucky to be the first group of people to start posting on this forum, you will get paid upon reaching the minimum payout.
Get paid to post on forum and receive your earnings through liberty reserve or alertpay/payza.
This is a bit different from the others, but you can easily make more money posting on postloop, and you can withdraw your money through paypal.
Remember. This websites are paying as at the time of writing this post, and if you don’t have any of the payment options, you can open one freely.
From posting on this forums, you can easily make free $5 daily spending less than an hour.


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