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They say that money makes the world go round. Unfortunately, they also say money doesn’t grow on trees.
That basically translates to “you need money and you’re pretty much screwed if you don’t have any.” Fact of life.
So you strive hard to earn it.  You get a job. You bust your ass day in and day out in order to get a paycheck at the end of the week.
It’s part of life.  If you don’t work, you don’t earn.  But sometimes, having a job is the reason you don’t make enough money at all.  Doesn’t makes sense now?  It will later.
How to Make More Money without Working

 Welcome to the 20th Century!

Having a job is quite old-fashioned.  Believe it or not, there are people earning hefty paychecks without breaking a sweat like normal people do. How do they do it? More importantly, how can you do that?
The answer is simple. Don’t get tied down to one job. In fact, have several gigs instead.
Gigs are the 20th century’s quintessential lifestyle.  People make money just by hanging out at the beach.  Or, people get paid just to make an appearance at some famous bar downtown. How to Make More Money without Working?
It’s really not that complicated.  We live in world where the highest earners are freelancers, consultants, independents contractors and celebrities.  Yup, you get paid to be who you want to be.  How was that even possible in the first place?
Because of the recession, traditional jobs became scarce. People had to think of alternative ways to earn money or make more of it. And that became an avenue for smart people to create the “jobless lifestyle.”
They found out that there’s a way to make money without cubicles, time clocks or bosses. The “gig” would pay their way. And the perks are plenty.
We start with a no permanent office.  So you can simply bring your laptop or tablet with you on the beach.  You can meet a client over for breakfast at a famous hotel.  The world is your oyster.  And this time, your potential work space.
Next, you’re not bound by time limits.  Traditional jobs require you clock in at 9am and clock out by 6pm.  That’s no longer true.  You can choose to wake up when you want and work how you want to.  You own your time.
And then, there’s the money.  This is the clincher right here.  Instead of earning a traditional fixed rate of $20 per hour for example, you get $1000 for one project instead.  And then you can have as much as 6 projects at one time.
How much you make depends on your skill set.  Your expertise dictate just how much you make and what project you’re suited for.  The freelance and gig life is something that doesn’t confine you to anything.  So you have the freedom that other jobs don’t give.  And this is what matters most to the independent worker.
Interested in going freelance now?  Here are some of the in-demand jobs that make up the “gig” economy:
  • Writers/Bloggers

how to make money promoting affiliate productsWriters with specific sets of skills are needed especially with the E-commerce businesses.  Freelance writers demand less and can provide exceptional work.  Give them the freedom to write about anything and they’ll flourish.
They can inspire people.  Bloggers are like this.  They get a following everywhere they go.  In the traditional sense, they don’t get paid by writing.  They get paid because of their uncanny ability to influence the masses.
So they’re given endorsement deals for products.  They write about a certain product and call their followers into action.  Once they do, product sales go through the roof.   And that’s the bottom line.
  •  Illustrators / Graphic Artists

Artists are paid a premium for their skills.  Why?  That’s because art is so hard to come by.  And many talented artists choose to go freelance in order to give in to demand.
They charge less than what professional agencies do but their work is more impressive. Much like the writers, freedom does something to the mind that makes creative vision real.  That kind of creativity is what makes for impressive work.  Who wouldn’t want to hire you when your work is cheaper and better than what agencies provide?
It makes much more sense to pay someone 50% less but get the same quality of work.  If not, more.  This is where special people like illustrators and graphic artists thrive in.  We can even include tattoo artists into this category.
  •  Celebrities

There are independent workers and there are freelance gigs.  And then there are celebrities.
Obviously, there’s not much to explain here.  They simply have to look good and money starts rolling in.  These are a different kind of breed of gig workers.
They earn because of their fame.  Endorsement deals, public appearances, personal meet-ups.  It doesn’t matter if you only need 15 minutes of their time, you’ll need to throw in a significant amount of money to get it.
And that’s what making money without breaking a sweat is all about.  Enough said.
The possibilities of the gig workers are endless.  It’s very much possible to put food on the table even without having a job.  One can really make money even without working for it.  The concept of getting a job and keeping it is no longer important.  It won’t work for some people.
There’s something to be said about gig workers.  They’re the admirable people who took a devastating job loss into something positive.  They’re the smarter ones who went above and beyond what society defines making money to be.  They’re also the risk takers whose actions paid off in the end.  The gig working lifestyle isn’t for everyone.  That’s true.  You’d have to be very skilled at something to make people pay you for it.
There are hundreds more out there like the professional organizers, event specialists, wedding coordinators and musicians. What do they have in common?  Their drive and commitment to their craft is what makes a name.  And this is the currency they live by.
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