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how to make money promoting affiliate productsThere are so many ways to promote Affiliate Productsthat it would be impossible to cover them all in a single post. But let’s have a look that easiest and more popular ways to promote affiliate products. Before you start promoting any products you should first make sure that you have joined a reputable affiliate network that actually pays and you should always try to promote high quality affiliate products. Not only they are easier to convert to sales but depending from the method that you use to promote them, in the long run quality products could bring you even more sales because people will trust you.

Promoting Affiliate Products from a site/blog

If you already have a site or a blog with a decent amount of quality targeted traffic, you could use it to start promoting affiliate products right away. In fact this is one of the best methods because through your site/blog you actually build a relationship with people who visit to read your articles and post. It is much easier to sell something to someone who trusts you. Keep in mind that you should never betray that trust by promoting useless products because sooner or later this will turn against you.
If you are using Google Adsense in you site, it would be a good idea to remove all the ads, you should try to let people concentrate only on your affiliate products. If you leave google ads on, you will be sending targeted traffic to your competitors for just a few cents. After that, you can start  implementing those affiliate links in your site:

Write reviews

This is one of the easiest and most straight forward methods. Find products that are closely related to your niche, products that people who visit your site will find interesting.  Write a review about those products; explain what makes this product special, why someone should buy this product. In the end of the review include your affiliate link.

Use a text link (contextual) within the posts

For example you are writing an article regarding dog training and dog training collars. You can make the word dog training collars an affiliate link from which people can go and buy dog collars. This is one of the best methods that actually work.Simple and very straight forward.

Use a banner

Yes, that’s right! Do it like Google ads! Place an ad who will promote your affiliate product. When people click on the ad they will be redirected to the page that is selling the product.

Use your email list

If your site is relatively old and you have already a big email list, you can use this list to promote your affiliate products. Actually using your email list is the best and most easy way to make money online promoting affiliate products. If you have a site but you don’t have an email list, you are losing a lot of moneyand you should start building one right away.

Promoting Affiliate products without a site.

Facebook, tweeter and other social networks

You can promote your affiliate links on your facebook page and tweeter but just be careful and don’t do it too often otherwise you audience will leave.

Write high quality articles

You don’t need to have a web page to place your affiliate links in your articles. You could write them and post them to ezinearticles or similar sites who allow you to place your affiliate link in your article. But it is recommended that you create your own website or web2.0s and use Kontent Machine to generate Unique articles. (I do not recommend that you use kontent machine content on a website that you have long term plans for, but you can use it to generate articles that can be publish on triond, squidoo, hubpages, blogger, wordpress, all this websites are free to create and you can place your Affiliate links on them.)

Join forums relative with your affiliate product

Join quality discussions, write quality posts and include your affiliate link in your posts. Don’t Spam! you will likely get banned before logging in again, so look for people that have a problem and use your website as a source to redirect them to.

Make a video

Upload a video on YouTube that promotes your affiliate product and include your affiliate link in the description. Videos convert to sales very well and they are much easier to rank and gain traffic. However it is better not to place your affiliate link on the video. YouTube does n0t like that too much. It would be better if your video links to a blog, even if it’s only one page. You can promote your affiliate link from the blog and use the video to drive traffic. If the video is linking to a blog where you promote your affiliate product and not directly, on youtube, you can place your affiliate link on the description. And you can learn how to create video within minutes. Read my Post on How to Create Animation Videos.
Before you start a blog on promoting affiliate product, you need to do your keyword research to enable you know if the keyword is easy to rank and also to know how many people search for it per month. And you don’t have to do that manually as Long Tail Pro Keyword research tool has been made just for that- with long tail pro software, you will be able to get easy to rank and profitable keywords. Read my full review on Long Tail Pro HERE
Affiliate Marketing is one of the best make money online scheme, a lot of people makes  $$$$$ per month promoting other people products, and you too can do the same.
Below are list of Websites that you can join and start promoting their products.
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