Saturday, 31 January 2015

Guest Crew are doing a Cash Prize Give Away and you can be among those who can win this daily cash prize. You can also win a grand cash prize of $100! The rules are just simple and anyone who want to make an extra money online, can join this contest and be the winner.
Rules to winning $10 daily.
$10 daily cash prize to the one who makes the most post in a day on the Guest Crew Forum.
Rules for Winning $100
Promote this giveaway on your social networks and be reliable to win the prize.
make money online
Guest Crew is a forum where advertisers and publishers connects, if you are have a product or service and you want to reach out to lots of audience, you only need to ask and your website/service/product will be on 100s of blogs! And publishers can make money from guestcrew by publishing paid posts…
Now that you know what this giveaway is all about, lets get started and make some money while it lasts.
How to Join Guest Crew Cash Prize Giveaway
1. If you are not a member of guest crew already, you can
2. Fill all your details and most especially, enter your paypal email address to receive your cash!
3. You are done already, all you need to do to get the $10 daily cash prize is to contribute on the guest crew forum daily.
4. You can check your stat here to know how you are doing.
The Guest Crew Cash Prize Contest starts from 1st of March, 2014 and there is no ending to it yet! That means you can be making free $10 daily for a very long time until Uttoran Sen (Owner of G.C) decides to bring it to an end.
What are you waiting for? If you are yet to join the money making contest, then click on the banner below.
And to win the $100 contest,
For how to get into this prize, read the full
Why you need to Join this Giveaway
Unlike other cash prize give away were the chance of winning is very slim, this one, you can be a winner everyday! Imagine if you can just contribute 10 – 20 forum post everyday and it will take less than 20 minutes.
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