Saturday, 31 January 2015

                                                       This blog is based on bringing on the simple and free ways to make money from the internet. While surfing through websites, i came across a young lady who Make Money Online Free doing what she love! Her income report for the month of February 2013 is $400 plus!
I took out time to analyse what she is doing and my conclusion is that anyone who is ready can earn money online even without a website! Yeah, on this blog am going to share some of the stuffs she do to earn.
I will take ‘em one after the other.
The three top free ways she makes money online are:! She offer to comment on blogs and get paid! Can you think of that? Here is how it works, you build a website, you need the site to have some life, you head over to, purchase her gig and she post unique comments that are relevant to the topic discuss, she get paid, you get comments! Simple. I was like, why didn’t i think of this?
So if you are a newbie still thinking for the how to start making money online? post, then take a look and see what you can come up with.
2. With the same, she has gain private clients which she write unique content for, now she don’t rely on fiverr alone, and she deals directly with her clients. Can you write articles? Why not get paid to do so?
3. ClickWorker. Never heard of Clickworker until today. And below am going to write a simple review based on what i read. (please note, i have not use this website personally.) Review and Payment Proofs is alternative to where you get paid to complete simple task.
She makes a whooping $102 in the month of February 2013 using this site.
But unlike cloudcrowd where the jobs are available for the globe, clickworker is concerned more on members from the US and its environs. Though international members can also join, but the tasks are mainly for residents of USA.
Now i have taken out time to write a detailed simple way to earn money from the net. And even a newbie who don’t know how to handle mouse, after reading this, can apply it and start raking in $$$$.
There is also a income report from her where she get paid to post on forum. Each post/thread cost $0.20.
Now go and take action.:-)

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