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How To Get Approved By (BSA)
Buysellads is one of the easiest way to make money online with your blog. But getting approved is not easy, most new publishers who are still looking for different ways to monetise their website, may find it real hard to get their blog approved by Buysellads (BSA), and the next step is to search google for how to get accepted by Buysellads, this post will show you how to get approved almost instantly.
how to get accepted by buysellads
Methods To Get Approved by
1. Website Age Your Blog will not get accepted if it is just created some few days ago, it must be about 3months old,so if your blog is still new, you can keep building it.
2. Alexa Ranking
According to BSA terms, you need to have less than 100k alexa ranking, advertisers use this to calculate how popular your blog is, you can check your alexa ranking HERE
3. Traffic
You must be getting traffic before applying for Buysellads, your traffic should be more than 500,000 pageview per month.
So, start building your blog traffic.
4.Custom Domain
You will not be accepted if you are using free domain like, or, they will just send you a simple message saying ‘your blog is declined’, so get yourself a dotcom or dot net or other extensions. But if you have a custom domain on blogspot platform, you will get accepted.
how to get accepted by buysellads
5. Unique Content
If you run autoblog where you scrape contents, copied contents from other blogs, you are not going to get accepted by buysellads, they need blogs with unique contents, and also the site must be update regularly.
6. Write About Buysellads
I don’t know if this works, but you can dedicate a post to,
7. Blog Design like websites with complete beautiful colors, if your website is just plain simple with no header, no colors, no borders, there is no way buysellads will accept your blog, you should make your blog simple and professional, also keep everything in order.
8. No Adult Website
Currently buysellads don’t accept websites in the Adult industry.
9. English Website
Your Website must be in English language, other language are not accepted into buysellads as at the time of writing this post.
10. Google PageRank
You need a better pagerank to get advertisers interested in purchasing ads space on your blog, so if you don’t have any PR yet, then you can start building high pagerank backlinks to your website, if you don’t have the chance, there are lots of backlinks providers, you can purchase different backlinks packages to improve your site pagerank.
This is part of message you will received if you get declined from
*. We are currently focused on the tech / web design / development / freelancer niche. While we do occasionally accept sites outside of this niche, you may be denied if you are not in this niche.
If you are not in any of the niche mention above, you can add one or two keywords/posts related to that niche. I don’t this buysellads accept blogs in the health niche.
I have explained in details on the easiest and surest possible ways to get approved by
see where you are missing out and try to improve on it. is the best platform to easily get advertisers to place ads on your blog.
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