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How To Make Money Online With PostLoop (Conclusion)
A few days ago, I start a guide that will help anyone to make money online posting on forums powered by, this is the second part, if you are reading this from here, I advice you to go read the First part to get better understanding how this works. make money online with
With this guide, you will be able to earn $10 per day, and even more if you decide to spend more hours. earning money online is absolutely possible, you just need to focus on what you are doing and believe you can do it. There is no myth about making some extra cash online. Lets get started…
How To Make Money Online With PostLoop.Com (Conclusion)
for reading to this stage, that means You have taken action! More than 90% of Newbies who want to make money online don’t take action! So you are going to see some extra money from the net.
Read the First part here… Within 36 hours (it could be sooner than that) a postloop moderator will either approve or reject your sample postings.
(The only reason why you will be rejected is if English is a foreign language for you, because as i know, there is no excuse to be rejected!)
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NUMBER 3 Review
A BIG Congratulations on being approved. Now it is time to make your first posting job!!!
Click on the “Forums” button at the top of website.
There are so many forums to choose from, it is adviceable to find an area of interest to you. As always, it is much easier to write about something that you really like or have ideas about.
Click on the forum link you choose, and then register with the forum, and activate it with your email. You are almost ready to post!
Important Notice:
BEFORE you start posting, you MUST first register on the forum you choose, and then go back to PostLoop to “subscribe” to that forum. If you do not subscribe, you will NOT receive credit for the posts you made on that forum. This is used to link your Postloop account to the account on that forum so that you receive your points. It is linked to your Number(#) of posts on the forum. This is just the same way that you subscribed to the approval-forum.
When you subscribe to the selected forum (link your information), the forum owner will usually will put some kind of special instructions for you to agree to. Failing to follow these instruction will usually result in a poor rating. To withdraw your money from, you must have over the average rating of the Postloop user base. This is done to prevents spammers from typing rubbish and getting paid for it. If you post copy-paste posts or irrelevant posts on the selected forums you subscribe to, the forum owners can ban you from posting there. I Will provide some tips to get high rating which mean more money per post.
Note. If the forum owners demand that you upload an avatar. You are to do so.
NUMBER 4 reviews
Get paid to Post!! Get paid Posting on Forums!!!
Almost all the forums have a thread where you can introduce yourself. You can make your first post here. And ensure you have already linked your forum account to your postloop account by subscribing as describe above. Now you are ready to write up that first introduction, and click away that submission button, whoops, you have just made some money typing online!!
It is time to work toward withdrawing your first money!!
The moment you reach 100 points (which is $5), you are eligible to withdraw (with above average rating, which is very easy to achieve). Many forum posters will join and give just 1 or 2 word replies and will be rated very poorly by the forum owners, you don’t have to worry about getting paid as long as you give good and relevant responses on the forum. Not some “good thing” “wonderful idea” “lols” and the likes. By reaching the first payout, you don’t need to have to post enough to receive another payout.
Some Important Notice:
Ok. You have set up your account, gotten approval to post, and have made your first post, now it is time to have some final details that will ensure you to always get paid and on time.
— Make the forum owners happy with your posting jobs. Start a few threads, don’t only reply to threads. Respond with relevant reply to threads. It is not too hard, Just try and act natural and the forum owner will be happy, you will be happy as well.
— I have mention this already, you MUST remember to subscribe to each forum that you choose to post in. If you failed to subscribe, you will not be credited for those posts. * must be linked up to the forums you registered to count your post count and to verify your posts made on the forums.
— To verify that you are receiving credit for posts made in partner forums, go to postloop website and click on “my dashboard” at the top of the site. This will provide you with details of your postloop account, from here also, you can see the points you have earned. Each post you made is around 2 points. After 100 points, you will be able to withdraw $5 to your paypal account. If you select forums that have topics that you have passion for, reaching 100 points should take less than one hour. (so you can make $10 for spending less than two hours online) take note also that the points get updated about once every 7 minutes, so do not get disturbed if your points don’t show up the moment you made a post one or more of the forums.
— Normally, each forum has a limit on the number of posts you can make per day. However some forum owners made theirs to be unlimited, but this case is very rare. You can find the number of posts you can make a day in the forums next to each name on the “forums” link.
— On the “forums link”, you will also find there the Number(#) of points each forum has available to disperse to members.
If a forum is highlighted in yellow, this means you will earn more points per post as well. It is preferably to register for forums with more points NOT only because they offer slightly higher points per post, but because you will not have to register for too many forums. If a forum has more points, this means you can keep posting there for some weeks or months… I have just shared a working method for anyone who is ready to work from home.
It is time to stop asking Can I make money online?, rather go and start making that $$without investing a single dime.
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