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Paid to Blog websites are used by both big and small bloggers who want to earn side income from their website. 20 Top WebSites That Pay You to Blog
What is Paid To Blog websites?
These are websites that pay you (blogger) to write sponsored posts for advertisers, you can review the advertiser product or website and place a do-follow link to his page, get paid to blog are marketplace for selling and buying paid reviews on top blog on any niche. So publishers and advertisers agreed on a certain or fixed amount to get started.
Below i want to list the top 20 Paid To Blog Websites where you can earn free money from your site by writing sponsored posts.
Reasons why Online Payday Loans Are Gaining Popularity with People
Well, before you can apply for membership in any of this websites to list your blogs, you must first make your site user friendly, you must ensure your site is frequently updated with fresh contents and also the domain must be aged.
Your website google pagerank as well as your Alexa Ranking matters a lot, so you need to work toward achieving a better google PR and reducing you site alexa ranking. (see my previous post on how to reduce your alexa ranking in just one month. HERE)
How much Can I get Paid for Writing Sponsored Posts or Paid Reviews on my Blog?
The amount you earn depends on your website authority, (i.e. Your Niche, Google PR and Alexa and other features)
But you can get paid from $5 to $300 per sponsored post.
Top 20 Get Paid To Blog Sites
Before registering with any of the websites below, it is important to read their TOS and also it is very very important to know how they pay their Publishers (either Net15 to Net45) and ensure you have a verified paypal account as most of the websites listed below pay through paypal. Other method of payment includes.
(a) Payoneer
(b) Check
(c) Wire transfer
(d) Western Union
You can register on all the networks, this will allow you to see which one has the highest of advertisers and it will also increase your chance of constantly getting paid review every now and then.
This is one of the best place for blog owners to get paid writing sponsored posts on their website. You must have a popular blog on your niche to get accepted on reviewme. If you are rejected, you can work for another month or two and then re-apply, to get accepted here, you must have high google pagerank, alexa and RSS Subscribers. Reviewme pay publishers from $10 to $200 per sponsored post.
This website pay publishers for writing reviews for their advertisers and you get paid upto $10 per approved post. Although this site is not too active again, but since they used to be one of my best place to make money online free, am including them on the list.
This is one of the best websites that blog owners can join to earn money from their blog for writing paid post for advertisers. If you have a website with pagerank 4 and above, the chance of earning constantly with payperpost is huge, you must first publish minimum of 20posts before you apply, and your website must be in English.
Publishers can make money with this website by writing paid posts for advertisers, but you must ensure that your blog has a better alexa and also it must be 3 months before applying.
This is another best get paid to blog website where you get paid for writing paid reviews for advertisers. Advertisers has the ability to search for sites with high pagerank, good alexa ranking and age domain. You must have a quality website to always get blogging job from this website. Advertisers has the right to reject reviews that does not meet their standard.
If there is one website you need to join, it is Link worth, watch out for our complete review on how to make massive dollars with, this is a site that you can sell text links ads and paid reviews on your website, they have lots of advertisers who are ready to buy quality backlinks from your websites. I have 5 quality websites with linkworth and am constantly making $$$ per month without doing anything. Although my sites has google pagerank of 4 to 6. So i always get advertisers.
8. Teliad.Com
This website pay publishers to write paid reviews for their advertisers and also you can sell text link ads on your website. (Teliad pay you $60 per review.)
9. PayU2Blog.Com
PayU2Blog Review: This website gives opportunity to publishers to earn money with their blog
You must have an active blog with good pagerank to get accepted and it takes 3days maximum for PayU2Blog admin to accept or reject your application.
10. SocialSpark.Com
SocialSpark Review.
This website pay you to write paid reviews on your blog and it might take upto a week to get accepted or rejected. (although it took me 1month to get accepted)
11. Epinions.Com
12. BlogDistributor.Com
13. Bloggertizer.Com
14. ReviewStream.Com
15. SoftwareJudge.Com
16. BloggingAds.Com
17. Blogadvertisingstore.Com
18. *** LoudLaunch *** (Don’t use this site, they are no longer paying their writers, you can see more on the comment section)
19. BuyBlogReviews.Com
20. BlogToProfit
If you are yet to start a blog, then you are missing out a lot, there are different ways to make money online from our website, and this is just one 1 of 100 ways to earn with a website.
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What are the Benefit for advertisers to buy paid reviews on high pagerank blog.
This is one of the surest way to get high quality backlink from your niche and it will boost your site ranking on all the major search engine, this method of building backlink is safe as google view it as Guest post.
To our success.
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