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Top 6 Blog Sponsored Review Sites That Pay You to Blog:  A lot of bloggers are wondering how to make money from their blog, it may seems funny, but some blogs can do well by accepting paid post or sponsored posts. Before advertisers will accept to publish their content on your blog, you will need to have the following. High DA (Domain Authority) and PR (Google Page Rank) if you have a PR of 2 and above and a DA of 40 and above, you will easily get paid posts for your blog.
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But these advertisers may not know about your wonderful blog, so a platform is created were you can connect with them! And all of them are free to join but they get a fee from each post you published.
I know, Matt Cutt said Guest Post is dead. The truth is, it is not, and if you bother to take the time to read the post and the comments, you will see for yourself that guest posting is one platform that advertisers can reach a wider audience. But to be on the safe side, you are only to accept contents that are related to your site. I know it is tempting to publish everything, and get the money, if you want to succeed long in this business, you must follow the rules or your site may lose it values and may even receive google penalty!
How much can you make from accepting Paid Post/Sponsored posts on your blog?
The amount you make depends solely on your niche and also on your DA and PR- These two are very important! You can get paid from $20 to $100 for each post you publish on your site. To get started, you might want to check your site Domain Authority at and also your site google pagerank at (between, you can check your DA and PA there as well).
If your DA is below 30, you need to increase it to attract sponsored posts, and here are few things to do.
1)      Write more content on your website and promote it to your social networks.
2)      Build more quality backlinks to your blog (as DA is calculated by that *I guess*)
3)      Take time to comment on posts related to your niche and if you can drop 5 comments daily, in a month, you would have built 150 quality backlinks! Although, most of them (if not all) will be nofollow. You can balance these by looking for sites in your niche that accept guest post.
4)      By doing this, you are also going to get a high google PR in the next update.

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This is my favorite as there are lots of advertisers on this platform, but post are snatch within hours and sometimes within minutes! If you sign-up with your real email address, you will be notify whenever there are available paid posts. You get paid in full what the advertiser pay for the content! But there is a catch. ( you need to sign up to know more :D )  Advertisers pay $20 and above for each post and you get paid straight to your paypal account within 5 days after publishing the post. Sometimes I get paid within 1 hour after publishing. Sign up here –

Guestcrew is another platform were you can make money from your blog by accepting sponsored posts, but I have only receive 1 guest post from this platform. And you can make from $20 to $100 per post. The money is calculated in coins and each coin is worth $1. You can accept or decline offers. You also get paid within 5 days to your paypal account.

I have been with this network for about 15 days or thereabout and have only received one paid post. You can set how much you want to get paid for each post. Linkvehicle takes 50%  from each post you published on your blog, so you need to set the price accordingly.
You get paid on the 1 of the month. Click Here to Join Linkvehicle

A lot of advertisers per use this platform to connect with bloggers, but sometimes the price are way too low, and to sum it up, sponsoredreviews takes 50 per cent of each post awarded to you. I have only had a few offers from this portal and I was told if you want to make a lot of money from this site, you need to bid very low. Well, I go for offers that are $70 and above, and my bids are always $70 and above. I recommend sponsoredreviews if you are looking to make a few dollars from your site. From what I see, you get paid after two weeks of publishing the post. I’m yet to receive my payment which will be coming in a few days from now. Click Here to Join SponsoredReviews


Payperpost is one of the oldest and popular website were you can get paid offers, they are currently upgrading their site. You can sign up here.

Reviewme is one of the best platform were advertisers connects with bloggers. But it seems like they are not accepting new publishers. However, you can keep checking it out to know when they open their door. Your blog must be of high quality and a have a high google PR to be accepted. And you can get paid upto $200 per post you publish on your blog! Join ReviewMe Here
Do you think it is worth it to accept paid post/sponsored posts on your blog? If your blog is not monetize-able with Adsense or not making good money from the affiliate links you promote, then you need something else to keep you going! Are there other platform which are not mentioned above and you think they are worth adding? Do they have lot of advertisers? I would love to hear your thoughts on this! And don’t forget to show some love by sharing


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