Saturday, 31 January 2015

  How To Make Your Website Social Media Friendly
Social media is a good way to promote your website online. Today every new website owner trying to target social media because it is the best way to get huge traffic to your newly website. It helps to increase your ranking in all major search engines. So, here some tips listed below which will help you to make your website social media friendly. But remember with these tips you have to put your efforts also to get better result. So let’s get started.
Share on social media:
Whenever you write a new content always share it on your all social media accounts. Make fan pages for your website on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. Share these pages to your friends and relative and ask them to share it further to their friends. And keep this pages up to date. If you don’t have enough time for the updates on your social pages then you can use Social sharing plugins available for WordPress which automatically post updates on your fan pages or ask your friend or hire someone to do this for you.
 Add Social Media Buttons:
Put social media sharing buttons in your website. If a visitor find your post useful and informative then he will share it on his social accounts using these sharing buttons. And if he shares your post on his own account then it means your website has more chances to be viewed by other users too. But it is necessary to post useful and information for visitors. Because only then a visitor will share your post otherwise he will not even come back to your website. The more sharing means more popularity of your website. Put these buttons at the end of your post or float it on left or right side of your website. There are many plugins available for these social media buttons if you are on wordpress, and there much more simple to implement tutorial if you are on blogger or any other platform.
Use Fresh and Unique Content:
Writing a unique content can help you to make your website more social media friendly. A user want fresh content which can be helpful for them otherwise no one will read your content. Use your mind and write daily unique articles and share links on your social fan pages. It will keep your subscribers up to date and they will come to your website to see your new content. And it will encourage them to share on social networks. If you will post daily fresh content then not only visitors will attract to your site, search engines will also rank you well.
Stay Connected:
Always stay connected with your users. Interact with them and ask for feedback. To improve your service and website, feedback is essential. When a user comments on your post then always respond to them it will show that how much you care for your guests. If they have some queries in their mind then try to solve them. After solving their queries ask them to share your post to others.
Organize Contests:
Run some weekly contests in on your social media pages. Ask some questions from users and choose a winner from them. Reward users with cash prizes if you don’t have cash then you can give them free premium themes, coupon codes or 1 month free membership t your website etc…etc… You can also start a referral program. In this program ask users to refer friends to your website and announce a winner with highest referrals. Participation of the users in your contest and referral program will increase more traffic and main thing it will make your site more social media friendly.
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