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                                                          Promoting Amazon Product Case Study Part 2.
Although i will not be revealing the website now, but i want to let you know that, i have a lot of serp movement, i did a few manual seo service on the website and others i ordered.
AM Currently ranking on 2 page of google (no 14) for my main keyword and also ranking 8 in yahoo and bing.
Below i will explain what i have done.
If you missed the part 1, you can read it HERE as it contain links to very interested posts that every beginner need to read.

Building Backlinks to my Affiliate website

Although this looks like a theory case study, for those following this. in my next live case study, i will provide the URL as well as the keywords am trying to rank for. Also i will not be doing any manual SEO as it is too slow. And don’t go for Cheap SEO service, it will only hurt your website ranking.
SO what i did was build Manual Web 2.0s with original articles pointing to my amazon affiliate website. i then blast this web2.0s with social bookmarking, wikis, 1000 spam comments etc.
Here is the web2.0s i always make use of
Google Plus
You can boost your website ranking following the steps above!! assuming your keyword is easy to rank.The next step i did was to build high pagerank blog commenting links to my amazon website. this are actual pagerank of the page and not the PR of the root domain. (this are PR2-7)A total of 100 Dofollow blog commenting to my amazon website.
To make it look natural, i also comment on related websites in niche, these are usually pagerank 0 to 3. it does not matter since they are related to my niche.
I need to build this website to keep ranking for a very long time, so i went ahead to buy 10 Guest posting service for $50 all pointing to my money site, when i received my report, i blast the link with high social bookmarking sites and dofollow/nofollow blog commenting service.
I don’t think i explain everything clearly, but anyone who is ready to make money online promoting amazon product can follow this strategy and rank for any keyword. although it may take a little longer to rank for hard/competitive keywords.
There is good news for those who want to really make money online by promoting amazon products.
My initial plans was to buy already made amazon websites and then do SEO on it, but the seller back out of the service.
However, this is time, in my search for making money with amazon and to ensure i reach my goal before the end of the year. i have discovered a real example of a blogger who is ranking for his keywords and he shared everything.
Now this will not work for people with no cash, you need to invest money in buying quality SEO service.
Alright, first, you don’t need to know anything about keyword researching, content writing, product review or Seo. you can outsource all of this!!
And here is how i will be starting, yes, i make money from adsense and other PPC network and am going to invest on building money making amazon websites.

How To Build Amazon Money Making Website with Just $250!!

Step 1: The first step is to buy keyword, this keyword comes in different range and it cost around $10 – $30 depending on the local search. and the keyword is easy to rank according to the seller. Also each keywords comes with Longtail keywords.
Step 2: After you have your keywords, your next step is to buy domain (you can either choose EMD or NON-EMD) but personally i will go for EMD. then you need to buy your domain, the place i buy all my domains is Namecheap, next is to order for hosting, bluehost is the best hosting service, you can also try cheap hosting service from servinio
Step 3: The next step is to install amazon friendly theme on the website, and add all the necessary plugins to help make the website easy to navigate.
Step 4: I will go over to and search for products that i want to review, this products must have 4 to 5 star rating and around 10 reviews will do, also i will be writing 3 informational articles on my kewyords.
I will search for 10+ products and give the link of the product to my writer to write around 400+ words for each. I always get my articles less than 72 hours!! great writer of all time!!
Step 5: After receiving my articles, i will publish them on the site and then add my amazon affiliate links to the articles, do ensure your amazon links are nofollow and don’t spam everywhere with it. i have a total of (13) articles. and what i will do is to publish 5 articles on the same day and then scheduled the other 8 to be published daily for the next 2 weeks.
Step 5: The next step is to order for one of the best SEO service in the internet. (I have not personally used this service, but from the various reviews and proofs of ranking, it is what i need and it is what i will get!)
Okay, this SEO service cost from $150 to $250. the best part is that it is not monthly payment.
I will wait for a month before ordering the service to my website.
This will be my next step to start banking hard with amazon. if you have money and you want to invest in a sure method way of making money online, then you can try this, you can as well send me an email if you need more information or how to get this! No string attached.
Each website will take around $250 – $300 to build. so newbies who don’t have money cannot start with this. if you want to know about the rankings of the website using that seo service, i want to let you know that i have been monitoring the websites for almost a month now and they are both ranking on google 1st page!!
DO you make money online promoting Amazon products? then you can share your experience with us.
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