Saturday, 31 January 2015

There are lots of lots of different ways to earn money online, using ‘get paid to’ programs. Microworkers is a program where you get paid to complete short tasks, and if you want to increase your earnings, using a couple of this websites will enhance your chance of getting a bigger check.
I have coupled 5 Legitimate Alternative Sites to MicroWorkers that are paying and anyone can make money online free using them. Below are the best alternatives to microworkers.
1. CloudCrowd (Facebook App)
Cloudcrowd has the potential to be the best among the alternatives to microworkers. And if you can utilize the website’s full resource, you will make most of it. One good thing about cloudcrowd is that jobs listed here are high paying. And also you don’t need to register if you have FB account! It is that simple!
All you have to do is log-in to your Facebook account and you can start making free cash.
2. MinuteWorkers
You might find this website more preferable to Microworkers! And it is paying, a search on payment proofs will bring legit websites with users payment proofs.
3. ShortTask
Shorttask is one of the Best Get Paid to website to make free money online anytime, as at the time of writing this post, there are 1,200 Available tasks to be completed! You can key into it and start reaping the free money, unlike other GPT programmes, with shorttask you don’t need to own a high pagerank website before earning with shorttask, there are lots of opportunity to earn with them. At shorttask it is all aboutEarn Money at Home, Computer Work From Home…ShortTask.Com
4. RapidWorkers
At Rapidworkers you can earn money completing short tasks and the minimum payout is $4. Rapidworkers has the same dashboard to microworkers so you can easily get used to it instantly.
5. MiniJobz
This website is also a very easy to use site where you can earn easy money online, this website accept international country, so even, indians, philippines, nigerians workers can join and start earning money.
6. MicroWorkers
Get paid to complete short tasks with microworkers and withdraw your earnings to your payza account or any other payment processor they accept.
If you join this websites and spent 30minutes each daily completing some free task/jobs. You can easily earn $200 per month from 6 of the get paid to.
This is not much, but considering the fact you spent about 3hours daily or less to earn it.
And also after working for a month or two with this websites you can save up some money to invest in a programme that will generate passive income for you.
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