Saturday, 31 January 2015

You must have come across a number of emails or websites that say, “Make Thousands by Working Part Time from Home” or “Click Here to Learn the Tricks of Making Quick Money off the Internet” while browsing.
As interesting as they might sound, we do not mean to disappoint you when we write this piece. Most of these seemingly attractive and potential opportunities are attempts to dupe you into spending some of your hard earned cash. The only people, who make money out of such gigs, are the ones who create them.
Here comes the good news though! There are a couple of interesting and legitimate ways to make money online; all you need is a working computer with a decent internet connection and the will to go an extra mile to make profits.
If you have come this far,it means you are genuinely interested and have what it takes to travel the distance – where most people falter. Out of the top five genuine methods to make money online that we will be sharing today, the most popular method is Blogging. Here are some of our insights –
5 legitimate ways to make money online Free
  • Blogging -

    Starting your own blog is a way of sharing your experiences with others. If you are sincere in your efforts, you are bound to create a strong bond with your readers, simultaneously pocketing a cool $20 – $100 per day.
There are free blogging platforms like BloggerWordPress and Tumblr, etc, that help you setup your own blog, in a matter of minutes.
If you are good at writing articles, then you can become Yahoo Contributor and get paid for all the article you write.
If you are looking for something, a little more precise, you could opt for HubPages, which pays you for blogging on the topic of your choice.
If creative writing is not your thing, video blogging is also gaining prominence. The best part about which is, you do not need expensive equipment to get started.
  • Go freelance -

    Got talent? Share it with the world, which comes for a fee of course! Freelancing gives you the ability, to work on your talents or hobbies, while opening up some new and exciting avenues for income.
Freelancing these days, mostly revolve around graphic designing, creative writing, marketing and SEO, etc. Although, there are numerous other fields that might interest you.
Websites such as Guru, Elance, Freelancer, FreelanceSwitch, etc are great for beginners to start looking for opportunities to sell their gigs. Some of these websites require you to fill up your details while asking for your hourly rates. Payment usually depends upon the type of work you sign up for and might range from a few dollars to a couple hundred, depending upon the project at hand.
  • Make Money off Selling Photos -

    Are you a photographer by passion? Do you have your own assortment of unique photographs that might interest the world? Websites such as FineArtAmerica and Imagekind might take an interest in what you have to offer.
You might also want to check out Shutterstock and iStockPhoto as these websites sell High Definition photos to publishers and advertisers. Even though payments might vary, but you can expect to earn up to 60% of the total sales amount.
  • Provide Online Tuitions -

    Are you an expert in your academic field? Do you have a knack for teaching and spreading knowledge? If your answer is ‘Yes’! Then this option might be the best opt-in for you. You might find a job that fits your niche, on websites like OkTutor, Smarthinking and, etc.
Economics, math and science tutors are mostly in demand, and you might also check out VerbalPlanet if you are bilingual, as this website connects students, interested in learning different languages, from around the globe.
  • Ever Considered Answering Questions, for Cash?

    Websites such as ChaChaJustAnswer and KGBanswers, pays users for every useful answer that they post. While most Questions need in-depth perspective of the subject, Google can help you with most others. You can expect earnings to be between a few cents and $10 – $50, depending on the Questions you answer.
IMPORTANT -Now that you have the necessary knowledge of “How To” make money online; remember that odd jobs are the best source of making a quick buck. The internet is the most powerful tool at your disposal, and you need to make a strong first impression, in order to survive in this highly competitive market. Good luck and spread the message


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