Saturday, 31 January 2015

Everybody know that am against as they banned my account for no reasons, all i was told is that i have low quality traffic, even though all my traffic comes from search engine, i was banned and can’t login into my account for a very long time, and then i decided to try logging into my account again, and just like magic, i was able to login, i quickly check my money and lo and behold it is no where to be found!! I was supposed to be paid $520+ and after much email sending between me and my account manager i was paid $270+ (i guess i will have to update my former post that paid me half of my earnings)
Some few days ago, i decided to check my account and saw i still have an active account, i added and send my account manager to check my account to confirm if they made mistake by enabling my account, and i did asked him/her if my account has been restored back, although until now i have not heard anything, but i logged into my account, i saw my website, has been approved. did they checked my website and maybe the missed my review Here.
What am saying is this, really are not worth using unless you have USA traffic and other related countries (i.e. canada, europe, etc), until paid me my money, i will never trust them or advice publishers to add them to their website. Also the minimum payout of is $200, although i heard it is now $100.
They will allow you to reach payout and then banned your account for low quality traffic. if you doubt me, you can either check my previous post on scam reviews where i link to lots of other websites where scam was published, or you can google “ scam” yourself to see the results.
I have sent my account manager another message telling them they should either closed my account or pay me my money. I will keep you  all updated if and when am paid or wait until I received a message from
Do you displayed advert on your website? have you been paid yet? then share it via comment and if possible, show us your proofs. Best Adsense Alternative should have been the best adsense alternative, if they don’t steal publishers money, i was making almost the same money with ads with adsense until they banned my account.
For those who are yet to get accepted into adsense, you can try chitika ads as they pay every month.
Meanwhile, there are different ways to make money from your website which are publish here on, before we digress further, i will update you when i received message from my account manager.
Below is my screenshot scam account disabled


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